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Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's my 3 year anniversary, not for my relationship but for my second career (as nana calls it) or for my religion....

I can't remember what it was like before I ran. I know I was more willing to indulge in greasy food and accompany Mercury to the bar. I know that clothes definitely fit differently, then my pants were usually hard to button at the waist and the glute part was less fitting- more empty! I was a stepper then and not an addict.

It wasn't my fault I fell into it. It was peer pressure from a friend, "come on, even my teachers run marathons and they're not in good shape". So I trained without a plan and a knowledge of running. It sounds silly today but then I thought that every time I had to run long. So I built up to running 1 hour and told myself each time I ran it would be for an hour!!

Luckily, I managed to finish it and my other roomie taught me the basics and hooked me up with a plan. I learned about tempo runs, strides, intervals and the long run. I only had to run long once a week!! Wow! That was a revelation that made running so much easier...


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