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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Cycling, Skinned knees, Serenity
  • I feel relaxed, calm and at peace after my weekend. I was alone since my folks were in Montreal, but it was nice to be stress-free and to have a whole house to myself. Back in the day, I'd have had a party when I had an empty house, but in current day Matapedia, I have no friends. So I had a weekend to myself.
  • What started it off great was during my Friday evening run when I ran into another runner!! It was on the NB side after corssing the train bridge. She stopped me and I think we were equally shocked to see eachother. No one runs around Matapedia! It turns out she's run a couple of marathons herself and she lives down that road (towards NB's rafting grounds). Anyways she told me to check out the rolling hills that way. We went in our separate directions.
  • After that I felt inspired. Nothing could stop me as the rain started to downpour. I raced down the 132 feeling great and positive.
  • The weekend wasn't perfect. Although I wanted to cycle into town, a minor accident changed my plans. An RV near Tide Head scared me as it nearly touched my shoulder. I turned into the side of the road and my bike didn't like the gravel. The next thing I knew I was lying on my knees and hands in the gravel with skinned knees and hands. Thank God I had my helmet on!! Anyway, that caused me to head home to disinfect my gravel-ly wounds!! I kept myself busy/tough doing yardwork.
  • Now I'm at my asylum, feeling a bit tired, a bit achy but in a good way. After my long run (almost 2 hours), I lazed around for the rest of the day... reading, cleaning, cooking. Am I getting used to the boredom? Maybe I'm an official hermit now? It doesn't matter, only 11 days left here!


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