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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I've started packing. My bedroom looks so much bigger and plain, kinda like Terrence's apt before his mom decorated it.

It's sad packing. It reminds me of the crazy parties we had. It brings back so many memories :

(Barry being counselled by Andrew, Clement & Phil living here, Crissy's family visiting, sneaking boys in through the kitchen door, singing in the basement with Quebecois stranger/ poet, freezing, everyone freezing, bickering with my parents about Stephan being a crook, Jayne playing the role of chef, counsellor & mom's "trap"!, Laura having to open her window in January, Elysia having to sleep in a 14 C room- 1st year, etc.)

It's been a good 3 years, especially coming from someone who doesn't fit in the city. My boss said the good thing about packing is that it forces you to get rid of stuff, which is what I am avoiding doing by blogging! I have gotten rid of a ton, which will go to the used store on the corner.

By donating stuff, Lora & I have acquired 2 vintage tennis rackets!! 9 pm tennis is my new thing. There are lots more rackets at the shop for anyone who wants to join us. Why 9pm?? That's when no one is at the court:)

Anyways, I gtg pack, tidy up & get ready for work. I also have a new bike (pink mountain velo), very girly and am selling my old one!


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