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Friday, June 09, 2006

I've broken two of my three give-ups (beer & white flour)- in moderation of course.

I have gotten 2 interviews. One was for a daycamp for children with autism. They haven't called me, so I guess I didn't get it. (There must've have been lots of Gordie's that applied). Oh well, I'm not too bummed 'cause I wasn't too keen on the changing of diapers!!

I have another interview next week- language studies canada. It involves guiding international teenagers around Montreal to touristy places, museums etc, while speaking English! This would be a fun job I think. Not to mention I will blend right in (they're 13-17 yrs old)!!

My running is still going... It would be great to have someone to run with (the Marisa in my head sometimes wants to slack off) though. I still need Elysia to edit my plan, and a GPS would be nice, especially for my speed workouts.

Other than that, can't complain. Still working at 2nd cup (it's a job) and still gonna move into Callahan's on the 1st.

Gotta call Jayne and ingest some alcohol:)


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