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Sunday, June 11, 2006

I used to be cool!

So today, I was cleaning/packing/ throwing out junk I don't need (it's been in the coldwater basement for 3 years!) and I came across a birthday card from my 19th birthday in Rogers Pass, BC.

One person(Tony) had written "sometimes two girls kissing is alright, other times it's a fetish".

There was all sorts of other ramblings & hidden skeletons on it.

Compared to my wild days in The Pass, which were very Lord of the fly-ish (isolated society of hotel workers), I feel so old!! I feel so wise. I feel so boring.

Oh well, I used to be cool....

I also found my waterproof map of the park. It brought me to near tears, half nostalgia, half knowing that I cannot get that close to beauty this summer being in this concrete vista.

I did jog on the mountain yesterday, an amazing run, and almost pretended that I was alone with nature. But once I looked right I could see the buildings and the city.

Anyways, I'm off to Terry's...


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