Hiking, Travelling and Dreaming

This was intended to be my thoughts on travelling, but I'll have to tame my wanderlust for a while longer....

Sunday, May 28, 2006

I'm sunburnt already, it's not even June yet! I really wish I didn't have to stay here all summer long. I'm already bored with my summer city routine, mainly 'cause I hate cities.

On the bright side, got a great apt for July. I can volunteer for the diversite festival parade again. I can train rigourously and perhaps acclimate to running in these conditions.

Wow! That sounded so negative. I'm just bitter, it's my mood. I need another job, at least to supplement my barista time. Preferably something that doesn't involve coffee!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Another race in the rain....

Yesterday evening I ran another race in the rain... Luckily, it was just drizzle, not like the 21 km, and it was shorter, 10 km. It was fun though. I got to see (well kinda see) the botanical gardens, peaceful. There were only about 75 runners, most of which were older, faster men!! So for some of the race, I was alone. I had a few girls behind me and a couple of guys ahead of me. It was loopy, and me with my awful sense of direction (how was I ever in cadets??) almost didn't know which way to go... I just followed the guys ahead of me. So I finished it in a little under 50 minutes, which is faster than my half marathon pace... I'm happy. And the YMCA doesn't give prizes because it considers all of its participants to be winners!!

Anyways, we have our apt which leads to arguments... Lora wants to decorate it in the best way possible. But I don't really care, I'm cheap. Dollarama is fine for me!! She doesn't want it to be dumpy... I personally don't care. I care about the cleanliness about it, but interior decorating was never my strong point!! I'm not artistic.

Okay.. I gtg to the gym...

Friday, May 12, 2006

So we have an apt in NDG. The only downpoint is that it's 8 minutes from the metro by bus:(

But its other advantages outweigh the disadvantages, so we're taking it (heat, elec, a/c etc).

I'm not going to France. It's just bad timing with my stage. So I'm back at second cup in the mean time but may get another part-time job. Maybe something more waitress-y.

I got a 10 km race tomorrow evening for the YMCA. 10 km is too fast for me, but it'll be good just as a measurement of my distance and to incorporate a little speed workout for this week. I think I'll do sante-oasis's half marathon again in september as my keep-in-shape goal.

Not too much else to say. I'm sad to be leaving St Henri, but I promise to visit Terry and Joey, and they better visit me!!!

Anyways... gtg shower before signing the lease, and then going to work!!