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Monday, February 20, 2006

Home sweet home!

I came home for the week. Not sure why but I mentally prepared myself for it, so it's alright.

The trip here was during friday's winter storm, and it made a long train ride even longer! Instead of pulling into Matapedia at 5 am, I stepped off the train at 4:30 pm! I was cheerful throughout the whole ordeal (too cheerful according to Derek), but it made for an interesting adventure.

On the bright side, my left trip is 50% off. Sadly, had I been 12 hours late, my next trip would be free!!

So I've got the home to myself. It's warm, unlike my trusty cold-water flat. I even managed to run in the -22 C weather (without windchill). Now I should attempt to do some sort of school work. I also am making the family dinner and must have the house clean if I don't wanna hear my father bicker.

Okay c'est tout!!

I'll be back on friday


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