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Monday, January 23, 2006

Cold Fx worked for me!

Sorry, that sounds like hooked on phonics. But Jayne was sick this past weekend and I started to feel it... Many pills later, I'm nearly in full strength. BTW, Jayne, I hope you're feeling better as you were not at fusion.

Critter has officially left North America and today is election day. I guess I will hope that it's only a conservative minority. I'm rooting for my blue-eyed separatist! At least he's better than Bush's marionette :)

I finally understand the parlimentary system of Canada, well in a condensed wikipedia kinda way. That may make me sound like a moron, but my world knowledge sucks. One of my resolutions was to educate myself and that I have.

Anyways... c'est tout!

Please people just vote!


At 7:31 PM, Anonymous Jane said...

Sorry - I've declared a brief gym moratorium due to excessive post-cold fatigue. And during fusion I was murdering my bank manager.

Bad Jane.

Killing bad.


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