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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I'm still in Matapedia. A little bored, but I'm warm and still have not killed my mom!!

I'm using my new laptop that my dad got me for noel! It's a big gift and I didn't ask for it... In fact, I feel guilty. I'm not perfect. My brothers resent me for it. They think I'm a princess. But dad said I could use it and it was for all my rock breaking!!!

As for a definition of rock breaking. Phil once told me that he's smart and I'm not and I only get by with my hard work (synonymous to rock breaking). And he's right!! Phil is brilliant, smart, has an innate ability, so different from me. But if he applied himself, even 5%, he would be so far ahead!!! I know he'll find his way though.

Prince Poopie too. He's just gotta follow his passion... and forget about what dad thinks. He could be anything but I believe he wants to be an artist.

Anyways, so far I've skiied, slid, shovelled, jogged and walked a lot. I've seen Mercury, the object of my affection. I've played board games, seen friends. It's been a good holiday...


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