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Thursday, December 08, 2005

I don't mind the cold. I like it. But I prefer cold with at least snow on the ground. Cold and cement = too city-like pour moi. The cold can be refreshing, in the morning and it can keep you alert. And living in a cold apt, makes the outdoors that much more tolerable.

Anyways, speaking of the cold-water flat, we're having trouble replacing Critter! The substitute roommate thing can be difficult when Queen Bee (aka Queen E) has so much input. I say we just go ahead with someone who is tidy, reliable, can pay the rent, is in school, doesn't smoke, and is queer-positive and open-minded.

But... some people have other requirements such as: no short skirts, no people who talk fast, no people who could potentially become the new boss of the coldwater flat!!

At Katarina put it, we could look for 3 years and we won't find another Critter. So I say, let's just take what we can get and we'll make do.... well as long as he's not homophobic/racist (one potential guy was and that is a problem for me).

Just 3 more exams... Friday, then a takehome and last one tuesday... I'm tired and cranky!


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