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Monday, October 10, 2005

I seem to have abandonned the blogging, like most of my bloggies that I link to. Jayne (aka Nana's favourite grand daughter) still blogs and JB.

Where am I?

Still in montreal in my office or windowless room. I can't sleep, the 3 cups of coffee and endless cups of tea are working their magic. But I wanna sleep. (And the guys arrived before Critter had a chance to talk ... damn)

Tomorrow is my last day at the daycare in Westmount. I'll miss those 3 year olds. Sometimes I wish I were that young again. I'll also have to study, another exam wednesay.

I should probably take advantage of this insomnia and study or study to fall asleep...

And I'll publically thank Jayne for her patience in dealing with my mom( no offense mom) as well as her culinary skills.

Bon nuit:)

PS Elysia & Laura still ain't back?!


At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Jane said...

We'll get her to talk.

I'll be back!


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