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Sunday, April 03, 2005

The top 10 things I learned about conducting psychological research

1. Everything takes 5 times as long as planned
2. Don't count on anyone, if you need something done, do it yourself.
3. Participants are a rare and valuable asset
4. If possible, use taks that require little cleanup before analysis ie. not ones that require hours of transcribing, syllabilizing...
5. Don't put off collecting your data
6. Be nice to your supervisor, he may need to walk you through statistical techniques that you never learned in undergrad stats & won't till grad school
7. Never underestimate your lab coworkers, they'll help you in a bind
8. If you're not passionate about research, don't torture yourself to go through more of it in grad school (Slp is not research-based!)
9. The more specialized you get, the less you know (more to explore)
10. If all else fails, at the end of the year you may have gotten over your fear & anxiety of public speaking....
All of the presentations may have paid off:)


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