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This was intended to be my thoughts on travelling, but I'll have to tame my wanderlust for a while longer....

Monday, March 28, 2005


Where do I go?
What are my plans?
Why can't I concentrate?
Because grades get you nothing! My degree is a BS in BS!
I could flee to Asia, it seems like the only option.
I could work a dead end job in the mountains- which would probably make me happiest.
And I can only reapply so many times. If I can't get into slp my 2nd time, I'll be stuck anyways.
I don't know if my thesis will get done. My French stories have not all been transcribed. Arrg.


At 8:58 PM, Blogger Jeremy Brendan said...

Don't worry about scummy McGill. If they have any brains at all, they'll let you in.

Do what makes you happy. Don't worry about small-minded Yankees or lazy lab assistants. You'll do fine if you keep hustling & don't look back.

Call me if you ever need to talk.



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