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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My pc is screwed up!! Lastnight when I logged onto msn, it said my friend Darcy was trying to send me a file. Well, what did I do?? ACCEPT! Then when it was complete, I tried to open it. I thought to myself that's wierd, nothing happened.

Then I start getting messages from Billy and others asking me why I'm sending them a file called "naked drunk"!!! I'm not that much of an exhibitionist!!! So I figured out it was the program doing this stuff.

It's some kind of a virus. When you download it, it automatically starts sending itself to your other contacts on msn. Also, it screws up your system. I deleted and disabled it but I still have no sound. My sound drivers do not work anymore. Also msn windows will close "magically".

I'm at school in my snazzy lab, using a pretty Mac. The windowless room pc needs to be formatted or euthanized!!!

Other than that, things are great. I'm halfway done my testing:)


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