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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Merc: I received forms from u, not sure what to do with 'em. Do I give both to mcd's?? Let me know & I'll get on it.

I'm applying to learn French this summer. It's a free program sponsored by the gov't. I'm hoping they'll send me to Edmonton, because that session involves the rockies, hiking, climbing and lots of outdoorsy stuff. It's 5 weeks long and the only catch is that everything is done in French and they make you go to class!! I swear I'm not scamming an organization again (birthright). Besides, my francais is a little rusty.

I'm waiting for participants... Should be studying for 1 of my exams, j'ai deux demain. The only problem is I lack motivation to study for my motivation exam!!

Okay c'est tout pour maintenant;)


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