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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Someone please tell me that it's okay to not bother with grad school...

I've procrastinated so far and it's gotten to the point that it's too late to ask profs for letters of reference.

I'm not upset, more relieved. My soul wants a break from school, from this way of learning that I have been doing non-stop since age 6 in Mrs Roussy's class!

Not doing a masters right away does not mean I won't be learning, it will be a different type of learning, through my new adventures.

Granted I won't go on "wellie" with my overplayed, popularized psych degree (aka a B.S. in BS). I'll take myself to Korea, Japan, to slave for a corporate cruise line, to work for the gov't- Parks Canada or to work near a ski resort in those mountains I so do love.

Who am I trying to convince?? Myself. Also may use this monologue when dad gripes on me!!

I'm putting my foot down. It's okay if I don't do things to please other people. So to my siblings: it's your turn to be the pawn of the family, to do what they want you to. And I will be the screw up!


At 3:05 PM, Blogger Unified Chasity Belt said...

Mari, fuck i admire your will! you will learn more in your adventures then anything in school. your your own person now Mari, start living YOUR WAY! i will always be behind you, supporting everything you want to do. i know you can do it! i love you!


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