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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I'm not analyzing you as we're speaking

I can't read minds

I probably play as many mind games as anyone else!

Most of what I learn is about research and studies that have been done in many areas

Like learning, memory, language, relationships, development etc.

I don't learn much about how to treat disorders, nothing at all actually!

I probably won't end up a psychologist, & don't wanna be, especially with all of the research required

I'm no better at understanding people than the common person is

I don't believe anything that Freud said!

My undergraduate degree by itself won't entail me to work nor to use the title psychologist

I'll need something more specialized

And no, I'm not trained to help you with your problems...

I am just a psychology undergrad

I was sitting on the shuttle-bus and thinking about what people say to me when I tell them I'm taking psych. I started thinking about my own rendition- inspired by that old molson canadian commercial. It needs work but was not thought out, just spit onto this computer. What we actually learn in psychology and what people think we learn are 2 different things!!


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