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Friday, December 17, 2004

Beware of a Volunteering Scam- Humana

Lastnight I heard about a scam. It's sad because the people they scam are good, honest people who want to help. A friend of mine had been planning on going to Africa to help promote AIDS awareness. He had signed up through a program called Humana

But it turns out that Humana is actually owned by Tvind - a secular cult with a rich leader on trial in Denmark. Apparently, this program accepts anyone, and makes its members pan-handle, beg and fundraise. Where does that money go?? To a rich man. How much of the money goes to help in Africa?? Very little, possibly none.

My friend luckily found out about it now. But he already paid application fees and spent money travelling to Toronto for meetings.

Some could argue that this organization is no worse than any corporation, but I see it as worse. They are taking advantage of young people that actually want to make a difference.

Not all of these organizations are scams but before signing up or paying for anything, be careful!!

I wanna help too, but not the rich get richer!!!


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