Hiking, Travelling and Dreaming

This was intended to be my thoughts on travelling, but I'll have to tame my wanderlust for a while longer....

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Does anyone know how the Bush visit went in Ottawa?? I know Concordia sent its "leaders of tomorrow"!!! I wanted to go but had school. My education was interfering with the real world!! I read up on it but couldn't find anything interesting. I suppose I'll hear about it in school demain.

Does anyone know how my brother is? If you're wondering, read monday's blog comment. I'm just looking for a follow-up!!!

Has anyone spoken to Mercury?? I called him tonight and caught him up on the gossip.

Okay I've got to finish this paper before I go to bed so I can email it to Norman. I will get back to it...

Everything seems so clear... I feel ready to leave for Asia, but that's a semester away....

Monday, November 29, 2004

I know how Jayne feels. I'm in the midst (not sure if that's how to spell it) of writing up my research proposal for my thesis. Scientific writing is so concise, it's hard for me not to write flowery, so it makes me frustrated. I also am lacking articles, some of my facts I haven't yet backed up! I'll get it done, it's just slow going.

I finally called the Mackay Centre - a school for deaf and disabled children near my brother's apt. Now we're playing phone tag. Not me and Prince, me & the school. I hope they take me as a volunteer 'cause my sign language class is ending :( I don't wanna forget it and hopefully I can practice my ASL!! This might require me to quit Presse Café next semester, but I don't have the balls to do it. Besides, what would my friends do without the free stuff??

I'm going to step tonight even though I don't have the time to. It's part of my new-found assertiveness!! Okay no more procrastinating....

I wanna be consequence free!!! (just singing)

Sunday, November 28, 2004

What are you doing on December 23?

It appears to be the best time to return to the Gaspesie:)

Friday, November 26, 2004

What is a fag hag??

-a woman who likes to spend time with homosexual men (freesearch.com)
-A (usually straight) woman who socializes extensively with gay men. (gayworcester.ukf.net)
a woman who is attracted to male homosexuals (amazinginfoonhomosexuals.com)

According to urbandictionary.com

You Are A True Fag Hag If...

-You are a straight girl who has a best friend who is gay and spends a lot of time together
-You would rather go to a gay club than a straight club (Sky)
-Your fag gave you your own drag name
-You know all the gay guys at the local gay bar
-You fag takes you shopping for mac makeup and then puts it on you
-Your hair and makeup are always flawless
-You dress up in his drag gear on saturday night or dress in drag together
-You even dance with all the fags on stage when Britney Spears comes on (never)
-You learned to vouge from watching your fag
-You fall in love with your fag (which is a bad thing) (Is it really a bad thing??)
-You try to convert your fag (this will only ruin your relationship with him)
And lastly... you find your self not being able to live without him because you have so much fun with him. (Christmas is coming)

It seems you can get different defintions depending where you look. My mom (an ex fag hag) once told me that in her time fag hags were women that preyed upon gay men because straight guys wouldn't look at them. Well I'm pretty sure that times have changed!!

Ooooh rotty, we're going out tanzen with Terrence Lawrence!! It's been so long since I've gone out with him. I'm still Mercury's fag hag but I'm trying to move on... hehe

You always learn from your mistakes....

I made a mistake lastnight. After running into the ex lastnight in the metro, he wanted to come over and talk. It was fine, but then he came back later to sleep over (not fine). Nothing happened however when I woke up, I told him that this couldn't happen again. Things definately felt different and it made me realize what Critter was trying to let me see during the past week. There were problems and then when we broke up, I didn't remember all of them. But by talking to him, I remembered why I had agreed to it. So this morning, I wiped the slate clean and feel like a new person. I told him that I'm ready to move on.... It doesn't matter if I mean I'm ready to go back to being an old maid... That's still an improvement.

Guys!!! I promise no more entries about this stuff anymore.

On another note, Critter and I might be going out with Terry tonight. Anyone wanna join us??

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I'm feeling more like myself again. I can hardly believe that school is nearly over, well actually classes are nearly over, but my exams don't end till Dec 23rd as I once whined previously. I'm getting more comfortable with public speaking and giving oral presentations. I still turn red and my mouth dries up but I get through it and finish feeling high. It's the same feeling as when I climbed. I guess 'cause of the fear and anxiety, there's a little thrill to it. I hope I don't sound too crazy right now. I have my last presentation of the semester aujourd'hui, actually ce soir.

I was going though random blogs yesterday and read some interesting stuff. One guy's was written from a prison. I didn't know they had internet there. http://beerpongers.blogspot.com
Check it out if you want. There is a voyeurism feeling to reading stranger's blogs, but it's on the net, so it's public!

Well il faut que j'aille a L'école.

Au Revoir!

Monday, November 22, 2004

I miss Mercury. Step was great and I actually managed to keep up. I would write more but I gotta finish my seminar presentation and email it to the prof.

I'll eat and get back to the placebo effect!


I was tired and hungry in my neuro class this morning. And for more good news the Great Big Sea concert was a lot of fun. A good concert to be broken in by!!!

Friday, November 19, 2004

I feel like a nerd. I'm doing schoolwork on a Friday night. But, I'm just delaying gratification. Tomorrow I'm going to the gym in the morning (step class!!) and have my 1st concert -Great Big Sea. You wouldn't guess how many people have asked me who they are!! Sunday is my killer day and that's my weekend.

I'm trying to be productive despite the emotional drainage. Four hours can be gruelling... but I'm starting to feel a relief of a burden. To be practical and insensitive, it's one less thing I have to fit into my schedule. My sleep cycle will probably improve as well. So that's that. I won't write anything else incase I'm breaking some kind of laws and defaming his character. (I don't think I am)

I think I'll go to bed now. It's been a hectic 24 hours....

Old Maid Again!!!

It's for the better. I wish I still had Mercury though....

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I'm reporting this live from Loyola's library where I have a European guy waiting for me!! Literally, he said he'd wait till I was done on the computer so we could go for a walk before class. I'm half sketched out and I half wanna pawn him on Critter, (think Patrick Swayze). I suppose there's no harm in talking to him... Maybe he's gone?!

I just found out also that my thesis was too ambitous. It's more the scope of a masters thesis, so my supervisor basically told me to simplifiy my thesis. I'll do all of it in the study but only write about some of my variables for the thesis and if we ever publish it for real, we'll use everything. Maybe that's why I had no idea what I was doing....

Well gtg

Monday, November 15, 2004

I think I'm procrastinating because I'm afraid to do it wrong. My proposal presentation is on wednesday and I'm still not progressing. I love playing in powerpoint, choosing my background, making the title slide. But that's about it.... I have 2 hours before I go to Step, so that's plenty of time, right???

To continue the grumbling, I went to CLSC today. I couldn't believe how bad the doctor wanted to get me out of her office. I asked her questions and it was like pulling teeth. Maybe she was having a bad day, but damn... If I had the brains and no blood & injection phobia, I'd try to make a difference in health care.

Oooooo Rotty! Last but not least, Critter & I (and possibly Jayne??) are going to our first real concert. Actually Jayne has been to concerts before, I think. Saturday we're going to see Great Big Sea at the Spectrum!!


Thursday, November 11, 2004

No one blogs anymore. I'll just catch you up. I've given up my title as a fag hag, as Merc has left and returned to Matapedia. After having him living with me for the past week and a half, it felt lonely to drink my tea alone. But I'll see him at Xmas, and it's not the end of the world.

My parents are visiting

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Time to say goodbye....

I don't usually write the lyrics to songs but since Merc does it and he's leaving me, this one's for him. I'm not sure if you'll recognize it in English, it sounds nicer in Italian.

When I'm alone
I dream of the horizon
and words fail;
yes, I know there is no light
in a room where the sun is absent,
if you are not here with me.
At the windows
show everyone my heart
which you set alight;
enclose within me
the light you
encountered on the street.

Time to say goodbye. -- I'll go with you
to countries I never
saw and shared with you,
now, yes, I shall experience them.
I'll go with you
on ships across seas
which, I know,
no, no, exist no longer;
it's time to say goodbye. -- with you I shall experience them.

When you are far away
I dream of the horizon
and words fail,
and, yes, I know
that you are with me;
you, my moon, are here with me,
my sun, you are here with me
with me, with me, with me.

Time to say goodbye. -- I'll go with you
to countries I never
saw and shared with you,
now, yes, I shall experience them.
I'll go with you
on ships across seas
which, I know,
no, no, exist no longer,

with you I shall experience them again.
I'll go with you
on ships across seas
which, I know,
no, no, exist no longer,
with you I shall experience them again.
I'll go with you.

You and me.