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This was intended to be my thoughts on travelling, but I'll have to tame my wanderlust for a while longer....

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Tonight we're going to a party at Gordy's. He's now my new neighbour. I'm gonna spend time with my favourite man (Merc!!). I feel so confused. And Woman is trying to fight my battles with me. She ran out in pouring rain to get answers. She didn't find any 'cause no one was home.

Make new friends,
But keep the old,
one is silver and the other's gold!


At 4:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i didn't stand you up sweety! i fell asleep and been a nervous wretch with the new job in about 4 hours i start! sooooo nervous!!! my cell is acting up and i can't remember your number. . . if i can i will be at your house after work, if your not mad at me. . . i love you and miss you so much! forgive me?



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