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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


I feel so drained, both physically and emotionally. My "iceberg" of stuff to do keeps growing, but I'm not getting it done. I also had agreed to take on another child for the montreal oral deaf school, so the volunteer coordinator thinks I'm super woman. (Maybe she saw my shirt;) But she emailed me about a family with 3 hearing impaired children, that wants help twice a week for 2 hours at a time! It's great I love to help people right??!! And I won't be alone if I do it, 'cause I'll have a new volunteer with me. But, I feel like I have no time anymore, except when I'm at school. This (I'm at school now) is my santuary and my relax time?!

Yah I'm sorry for the complaining. It's my own fault for not quitting presse café, for going back to my ex-lab and for agreeing to take on another child (I have one already!). It just seems like everything else is my priority now and school (especially my thesis project ) is at the bottom.

I have plans for Friday but I'll try to drop by brutopia if I can after...


At 9:11 PM, Blogger Jeremy Brendan said...

Simple solution?

Quit Presse Cafe.
Drop one of the kids & tell them you can't handle the workload.
Take one day a week for pure relaxation, ie. no homework, and spend the rest of the week working on your shit whenever you can.
Be nice to your siblings.
Laugh a little.
Also, get drunk at least once a week to ease stress, etc.

I won't charge you for the advice! :)


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