Hiking, Travelling and Dreaming

This was intended to be my thoughts on travelling, but I'll have to tame my wanderlust for a while longer....

Sunday, July 25, 2004

I'm feeling beat
Might go home next week
To rest and swim
and keep my ma away from "him"
I'm hungry now
and gotta pee like a cow

Saturday, July 24, 2004

obsessive compulsive

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Happy Birthday Jane!!

Friday, July 23, 2004

Does losing one's vision condone losing one's manners as well?
It's hard supporting someone, giving them food and a place to stay and having them tell you that you do nothing for them.  It's hard because you feel like you're doing everything you possibly can except maybe supporting their substance habits.  And when you're told that you're judging him by asking him to wash a few dishes, that you think you're better than him, how can you not scream??

Folks, if I appear to be going insane it's due to the fact that my brother is living at my house.  It's taking a lot out of me emotionally.  Maybe I am asking too much from him by asking him to do a few dishes.   It just sickens me.  He's a hedonist and I'm not.  It just bothers me that what I do for him he takes for granted and expects more.  I guess when you can expect everyone to give you stuff, there's no point in thinking about the future or planning ahead. 

Arrgh!!  Luckily we have 2 days peace here:) 


Tuesday, July 20, 2004

My Rant
Why do I have to be the responsible one?  It's not easy.  You criticize my ideals and call me a conformist. 
Because I think ahead and plan for the future, just incase I live till the next day.  That's why I can't spend everything I own and live life to its fullest, like you do.  Maybe this makes me a loser or a scooter to you.  But I love being independent and knowing that I can do it all by myself.  I love not having to rely on anyone.   This gives me the same satisfaction that you get when you smoke buds.  I could look at the world through your eyes but I'd prefer to open them more and not be blinded by the floaters that distract you. 
  I'm just having one of those days.  It's my day off and I'm doing too much thinking.  I think it has to do with realizing that the summer is passing by and I feel the same.  I haven't really accomplished anything new, except learning how to make special coffees.  My summers in BC, I had the outdoors to keep me entertained, to keep me motivated. It wasn't a chore it was a priviledge.  And even my slave working there was worth it for that one day off that I got to play in the mountains.  But here I work less and feel more drained.  One reason I stayed here was to get everything set up for grad school, volunteer work and stuff.   And I haven't even done that.  In fact, I may take time off after I graduate.  I have been in school for the past 16 years, and think I need to know myself before I go any further.  And any time I take off will be spent outside of Canada!!

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Lastnight I attended the fireworks with Phil and Clem.  In order to bring beer to the festivities, we filled a nalgene bottle each with beer.  (3 beers almost fit perfectly).  So we drank that and then I suggested we walk home, since it was a nice night.  Well these two had never seen the village and Mercury had called me earlier trying to convince me to go out, but I had declined.  So we first stopped in a dep to refill our nalgenes (not with water!)  Then we stood outside of this sauna and I realized we were in the village.  We actually ended up going in Sky, I was dressed practically in my pj's!!  And I had 2 water bottles strapped to my purse. 
I think it was an interesting for them.  Clem's body was being ogled by many men!  We didn't stay too late and made it home by 2:30am!  I'm not hungover a bit but I should be, I mixed a lot...
So I now have my sympatico connection hooked up.  But Phil's having trouble to hook up the wireless network to Criss and hopefully it will work, otherwise we'll have to cancel and I think I'm bound in a contract:(
By the way, remember Oxford Cafe, the lady who said she was not going to pay me because I quit without giving her notice.  Well she paid a couple of weeks ago.  I had to call Normes de Travail twice and hesistantly she paid me.  It felt nice to win, however I'm just glad it's behind me. 
That's all... The boys are sleeping.  I wanna go to the Tam Tams.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Ooooh rotty!!

It's my day off. Elysia's suppossed to visit for her birthday. So much to do.... The renovations are almost done and Criss and I can't wait to move into our "new rooms". Since she ain't been blogging, I'll be a big mouth and say that she found a job at Al Van Houtte on Mcgill College. It's the one below Ste Catherine- there are 2 on that street.

Michel !!!! What am I suppossed to do?? (It's on the radio, haven't heard that since the camp!!)It makes me think of when we girlz used to sing it to Michel Belanger.

Well I better go because I'm supposed to be getting dressed while Criss goes to buy cake mix and icing sugar. But here I sit like Patrick West in my bathrobe, quite a scene for a busy body like moi.

Nothing else to say, keep blogging;)

Monday, July 12, 2004

Fun. You Truly Desire Fun. Your always willing and
ready to play a game, whatever it may be. But
be careful, you cn tend to get a little too


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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Hey y'all!

I'm just writing before I go to work... only start at 3 pm! I'd prefer to work the morning but working at night I'm alone and can belt out whatever music I choose to listen to. I also am cleaning for most of my shift which is calming for a neat freak like me, but it's still more fun to clean my own place over someone else's cafe.

Critter came back, the very next week. (Think the tune of "the cat came back") And we're switching rooms when the renovations are over. It should be fun to move into a new room. We also bought furntiture from salvation army- a really big bookshelf and a night table. Tomorrow will be the challenge to get it back here!!!

I don't have anything else to say but I'm drinking way too much coffee, not eating regularly and not exercising enough. I'll change that this week.


Saturday, July 10, 2004

Pirates of the Caribbean!

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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Sorry it's been a while but I am without internet... I'm at Mercury's... I can't talk cuz I'm drinking rum and lemonade, counselling my gay pals, l'histoire de ma vie!