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Friday, June 04, 2004

Where shall I start?

Yesterday, Mercury took me job hunting. This time I did it with class, I followed Clem's advice to wear a skirt;) So two places asked me to come in so they could try me out!! Today I went in to the first place- resto cafe oxford, on Ste Catherine near Atwater. It went ok but I found out it's not going to be enough hours. So I'll need a night job if I stay there (or if they keep me). Tomorrow I have to go to another place for noon but I'm in a bind. I have to go back to Oxford at 10. I'd really like to try both places but I'll have to try to call and reschedule it.

The Lyons girlz are in Germany. The latest update is that they can't find Uncle Kurt. Their mom and Uncle Doug are freaking out, but I have faith in them! It must be overwhelming though with the language, and not finding their relatives.

I still have lots of fiddleheads left. It's quite the task to try to live off fiddleheads for a week, you try it!


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