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Saturday, June 26, 2004

A customer tried to give me a ring at work. He hangs out there a lot and is at least 40!! I misunderstood, thought he had found it (ie. someone had left it there and he was giving it to me to put in lost and found.) Then he said it was for me and I gave him a strange look. Tu comprends pas? he asked me and I told him that I didn't understand!!! Still don't.

My mom is going bonkers. I really shouldn't make fun of mental illness being in psych and all but this time she has gone too far. Lastnight at a party, "Raoul" was talking to a 17 yr old and mom got angry and hit the girl in the head. Te fact that she was intoxicated does not condone it!! FYI, mom is married to dad and Raoul is her next door neighbour who is single. It angers me... and when dad tries to go for a walk with her, she says he's "stalking her". It's like she's so obsessed that she doesn't understand what she's doing.

Okay had to vent that out!! I just wish my dad would find a girlfriend,but he sticks beside mom. I guess that's where I get my "scooterness" from. (See frame: what muppet are you?)

Work is improving, they have begun to trust me and I'm not always doing the bitch work!!

That's all and Phil has a job!!! ooooooh rotty;)


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