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Monday, May 10, 2004

High Lights!

On Saturday I gave in to the advertisers from Clairol and tried to get "brilliant highlights". (It's the kind that has the green comb and the streaking party commercial.) Yah,well a half hour later, I screamed with joy? horror? shock? I had these brilliant highlights, except they looked more like skunk stripes, and they were a light orange!! The only highlights were 3 inches from my roots and they didn't go downwards..

Even being a tomboy /an uncity-ish person, my skunk highlights only lasted a day. The following day, I bought some dark red dye, and made sure to dye the skunk highlights.

I think that maybe highlights are something that a hairdresser should do. While Clairol had me thinking that I could do them myself for $10, one would be better off paying the extra and getting it done properly. Also, in the directions where it says to "first test with conditioner"- don't skip that part!!!

All in all it was a funny experience. It brings me back to my teenage years!!


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