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Monday, April 05, 2004

I'll never be a Night Hawk!

I tried to stay up late. I wanted to be cool like Elysia and Criss. By 1 am, my eyes were heavy and considering the time change, it was really only 12!! So I didn't stay up any later than I would have normally!

The snow has kept me from going into the lab today!! (I'm not really skipping it, if I went in, I'd be working on my research paper anyway). So I decided to stay home and only go in for my class at 2!! Oooooh Rotty!! I feel like such a rebel;)

It's been quite productive so far. However, the problem with my computer is the internet!! How does one use a computer and type a paper without getting distracted by msn and everything?? I shut my msn off and after I finish this blog entry, it's back to my paper. Oh, how I never want to do research again (after next year)!!!

Friday: My parents will be here. A big source of stress but to an outsider, it could be fun. Come one, come all. Can you handle all of the Shearings?? (Pat and Phil: you are expected to attend this event!) We put the fun in disFUNctionality;) Oooh Rotty!!

Oh yeah, aside from all of this school related stuff, my next goal is to pick up a Mormon (the good-looking ones in the suits )

Hasta Luego!


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