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Thursday, April 22, 2004

I have a cute story to share.

A friend of mine lives with a roommate that he isn't very close to. They aren't like family to eachother (like we are in our coldwater flat). They don't share food and tend to stay secluded from eachother in their separate rooms. So, one day, his roommate comes out of the kitchen with 2 pieces of blackforest cake. My friend was surprised when his roommate gave him a piece of cake. He enjoyed it and thanked him for it. Then a week later, out of the blue, he asked his roommate when his birthday is. His roommate told him and it had been on the day that they had shared the cake.

Sorry if that sounds like one of those forwards. The ones that say now "send this to 50 people who you care about and you will be popular. If you delete this email, you will lose all of your friends". I just thought it was nice. It shows how humble people can be. And it is a true story:)

On another note, I'm on the wagon!! It's been 4 days and I'm going strong. My cravings get bad but when that happens I chew gum and write it down. Sometimes I almost start to and then I realize that I quit! That's right folks, I'm quitting biting my nails!! Tomorrow will be the ultimate test. I have an exam and when I get stressed, I nibble without realizing it! A wise man once said "I don't like biting my nails, I like getting the meat around it!" Ewww, but many nail biters will understand. By the way, that wise man was my dad!

Alright if I want to pass, I better study.


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