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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Home Alone!!

I hope that no one is home upstairs, because I'm alone in the coldwater flat so I've taken it upon myself to sing! It's so much more fun than studying for my learning exam.

This morning a man came looking for help about his unemployment. He just didn't seem to get it that they moved. I was telling him, "they moved (comite chomage). I live here now!" He looked confused so I spoke to him half in English, half in French.. It probably confused him more. Anyways I gave him their new address and told him how to get there.

Mercury, I'm proud of your fido battle. It reminds me of fighting for the "price accuracy policy" with Bag at Walmart last year. Power to you. Doesn't it feel good??

Mother's Day run, on top of mount royal, 5km.... Is anyone up for it?? I'm considering it but won't be able to train a lot for it, so it's just be a participation thing for me. It could be fun though!

Okay I'm outta here!


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