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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Daylight savings ruined my day!!

I went to bed early lastnight, set my alarm and thought that I'd be well rested for the morning lab visit. At a quarter to 8, the phone rang. It was the RA from the lab just making sure I had changed my clocks ahead!!!

I started screaming and panicking ('cause Sunday metros are slow, the 105 only comes every half hour) and I was supposed to have left 15 minutes ago with the NEW time!! Luckily, she picked me up on her way, and then in her car I managed to spill half a cup of coffee on myself. (For the rest of the day it looked like I peed in my pants)

Now I am extremely jittery. I'm not sure why I'm drinking coffee, but I'll try to take advantage of this energy and write my thesis paper. I still haven't started my psycholinguistics one. If anyone is interested in writing about "phonological discrimination in deaf children", there's a paper with your name on it. 'I've done the research, so you'd just have to write it.

Okay.. Enough ranting, I'll start writing before I get too nackered!!

Happy Palm Sunday:)


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