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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Corporations are Evil!

I saw the CORPORATION tonight- a documenatry, and it opened my eyes. See, I never was(and still am not) aware of politics or any world issues. Just this year, I started reading the news online. But this documentary is a must see.

Now it all makes sense why my dad doesn't shop at Walmart! Did you know that the law sees a corporation as a person?? And how did they get that status, by finding a loophole in another law- one that was passed to prevent slavery! So, it's ironic that a law which was once passed to prevent slavery now legalizes it! Where are the slaves?? They're everywhere, not just in developing countries. They're in McDonalds, working for Pfizer and for Walmart.

Wanna hear more?? See "the corporation".

I got papers to write:)


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