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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Skunk in the City!!

"I was taking a romantic shower by myself yesterday when I realized it smelled like skunk..."

That quote actually complements my blog's title today.

On Monday night, I was sitting on my bed studying history when I smelled a rank smell. I first thought it was my feet (which it wasn't). It got stronger and stronger and I realized that it was coming from a skunk. I heard my roommates screaming and knew it wasn't my feet!

So, a skunk had been lurking outside of our flat and he must have been startled. The smell permeated the cold part of our flat and left the warm end smelling much better.

We sprayed perfumes and lit candles, hence Laura's romantic shower. There was nothing we could really do. I went to class the following day wondering if I smelled like skunk. People sat next to me in class, so it couldn't have been that bad!!

Luckily, by the time I arrived home, it was gone:)

On another note, spring looks like it's starting... Maybe we can say goodbye to our $600 heating bills (read my other entries for more info).

Monday was also Criss' birthday. We had a family celebration lastnight but I'm trying to plan another one with friends on the weekend. I have no idea who reads this, but if you're her friend can you tell me if Saturday is good for you! (I bet Mercury is the only person who reads this stuff...)

Gotta go->history exam demain



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