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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Missionaries are good salespeople!

I shouldn't generalize to all missionaries, the one I saw was a Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints follower. As I waited for the metro and listened to him giving his speil, it hit me, the guy should work in sales!!

He did everything right and just perfect enough to get the girl to take one of his pamphlets and possibly attend his place of worship. He started by asking the Asian girl where she was from. When she replied Korea, this gave him a chance to exercise his few linguistic skills in Korean. Then he asked her about herself (psychology tells us that people love to talk about themselves). As the theory of reciprocity goes, when someone asks you something, you feel that you should ask them the same question.

This is when he went in for the kill. He explained that he's a missionary from Utah but he's in Montreal to learn French. He's been here 22 months... And his job he explained was to teach people about Jesus.

The metro arrived and she was sold. He reached into his bag and handed her a pamphlet. I was impressed with how fast he did it. He could have sold anything- even a dead horse!!!

It made me wonder of whether any studies have been done on whether missionaries are better salespeople. It would make a nice experiment if not. But I'm not saying that some giant corporation should scoop up the missionaries. However, if they did, their sales might increase.

Just a thought. On another note, humpty dumpty tortilla chips are way too salty!!


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