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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Kudos to our matinee idol!!

Remember way back when I wrote about Mercury's guest! His boarder that he fed and kept in the kitchen. Well it looks like he's gonna be gone. They're telling him to leave after giving the guy a place to stay for the winter.

This may appear cruel and evil to kick a homeless man out of your house but they have good reasons to. He has taken advantage of their kindness and has abused his rights. It only seems fair that if someone is nice enough to take you in, that you should treat them with respect. You shouldn't answer their phone and be rude to the people who call for them. When you aren't paying rent do you have the right to insult the other tenants? What about insulting their friends? And when you have hurt a tenant to the point that he no longer feels happy in his own home, it appears the line has been crossed.

At least, the cold of the winter is over for the most part and maybe Pepe can find a friend of his own age to live with ie. Batman. Where did he stay last winter? That's a mystery.... Why didn't he collect welfare while he lived with them? Another mystery...

What I get from it all is that it's much better to prevent homelessness from happening than treating it after it has happened.


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