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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I learned about existentialism today in history of psychology. It's quite interesting. But I don't think it really matters if we can find the true meaning of life. Why not find our own meanings in life or at least make some meaning out of the various experiences we have. I don't quite agree with Camus that we not able to realize our goals. Maybe if we have a broad goal like finding the aim of the universe, then we are destined to be like Sisyphus. However, if we can each work towards a more focused goal, we will eventually have a purpose and together come closer to realizing the ultimate goal.

We were not meant to solve problems alone. As human beings, we are very social animals and therefore to achieve any great goal, it takes the collective efforts of many of us, not the goal of one philosopher.

Yah, I know I feel weird writing this stuff on my blog. But it's what's on my mind. I was actually paying attention in history today and I got a lot out of it. Maybe I should listen more often.


I'm also beginning to feel overwhelmed. (ie. Like Jane was the past few days) My poster presentation and thesis will be due sooner than I realized. I still haven't found a supervisor's lab to do my honours thesis in for next year. I don't have a summer job/plans. And then there's my 4 other classes and their exams, but that's still a little while away.

As an organization freak, I get stressed mostly at this time of the semester. Most normal students get stressed at the end, when exams begin, but I'm an oddity. My stress peaks, weeks before everything is due. Just trying to imagine how I will possibly get it all done worries me.

My ideal life with its structure and organization is my brother's hell! Probably many other's too!

I gotta go and read, or at least try and use my time productively.

-Hasta Luego!!


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