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Monday, March 08, 2004

I feel paralyzed. I've been sitting at my computer for hours doing a "little" assignment for my research experience class. It's not that it's difficult but more a fact that my brain is tired and not working efficiently. This has got to be unproductivity at its finest! Three hour later, my graph is done, my table half done and the written part of the results is a half of a page. The time we spend all for 5%?!

Terry's party was a success. Too bad Jane and Paige couldn't make it. This time I could see straight as compared to the toga party. Once again, my brothers lurked in our apartment till the following evening! (I hope lurk does not seem derogatory here-it's my favorite word;) It's good though 'cause if they stay here, it means they are comfortable.

That's an honour in itself- to stay comfortable in this cold-water flat! It's never warm, sometimes Luke-warm. I've really learned that 20C is not that warm!

I have to stop writing because I wanna finish my homework and I'm wearing Criss' puffy stretched blue hat. It is falling over my eyes and blinding me!!!


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