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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Going out with Mercury- Never a dull moment!!

I wasn't planning on going out lastnight. I got suckered into it by Merc. So we went to Sky.... Okay I'll get to the interesting stuff...

I was in the bathroom and I heard a man's voice saying "Okay get out of the stall and pull up your pants! Now!" I was confused, called out the Matinee idol's name and left the stall. There standing at the door was one of the bouncers. And by the sink were three guys!

I asked them what that was about. Can't a girl pee in peace?! They explained that they were trying to have a threesome but got caught!! I later ran into them again and found out one was from N.B. and the other one had lived in Restigouche.

It was an alright night, but when you're as exhausted as I was, it's tiring to dance. So I stood on the sidelines while Mercury was dancing with a lesbian who was buying him martinis!!! Mercury wasn't the only one who got offered drinks, a guy tried to buy me a drink too! I figured it was safe since it's a gay bar however, I wasn't feeling up for any more alcohol.

Coincidentally, I later learned that the guy was straight! So, a lesson I learned was to be careful at smiling at gay guys too, they may not be.

Okay, so I have learned my lesson about not walking home (see my other entries for more details) and so I stayed with Merc till the end. Consequently, he picked up during the slow songs. So the three of us attempted to walk home. I use the word attempt with caution. I was trying to walk briskly while they sauntered and stopped every five steps to kiss or gaze into eachother's eyes. After my patience wore off and my feet were complaining, I told them I'd just walk home.

So I did. I arrived here at 5am. Also, I took every precaution to ward off the sketchy people. I wore my hat, with my scarf wrapped around it, and pulled up my hood. I ignored everyone I passed during my 6.1 km walk home and got here safely without any hassles.

It'll be a while before I go out to the village again.....


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