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Friday, March 05, 2004

Gambling in St Henri!!

I've vowed never to gamble mainly due to gambling problem running in my family (mom)! But right now, the girls and I have a bet going for how much next month's rent will be! We're all hoping for a lot less since it's warmed up considerably and less heat is being pumped out and lost!

The rules are less stringent than Bob Parker's. It is whoever is closest and you can go over!

We got a rendez-vous with Stephane- our landlord. I'm still waiting for him to get home. He's definitely not a Serge! ("It's da professional for the click click click")

Smiley got toilet trained today. Criss removed his tag (the "do not remove until delivering to customer" one with the barcode on it) off his bottom, it was so dirty. It looked like a dirty piece of toilet paper! Hence his toilet training.

Must eat! Auf Wiederzan


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