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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Forever Young

It's hard to believe I'm getting old. 22 is only 5 months away and yet on Saturday in st hubert the hostess tried to persuade me to order from the kid's menu (12 and under). I would have done it- it's cheaper, but I was shocked. I know I look young. People constantly ask me if I'm 18 years old when in a bar, however, I thought I looked over 12. I thought I could pass maybe in the 14-16 range.

Ahh, I suppose I should be happy about it. It means I'll never be on old maid but a young one, right? And someday maybe I can aspire to be the cougar that my mom is. (Just kidding if you read this mom!) I guess it's bedtime for me...

In 20 years, I'll be glad to look young... So for now, I'll just live with getting carded excessively and using the child rate whenever I can:)


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