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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Feliz Cumpleanos Terrence Lawrence !

Tengo sueno. So tired and Terry and everyone will be here in a few hours. I shouldn't be writing on here. There's so much other stuff that I should be doing... Cleaning, studying psycholinguistics or icing the cake. I just said a bad word. My teacher told me that "should" is a bad word. When you say it, you have negative brain activities almost like when you're sad!

By the way, we're staying in the cold water flat for another year! We talked to Stephane- such a kind man. He's gonna reinsulate the East end of the flat and not increase our rent. This will lower our heat for sure. I know I bickered about the flat but it's great to have the space. Where else could we invite over so many people?!

I'm not drinking tonight, still recovering from last week's escapades! That walk home was enough and I ended up skipping my tutoring- it made me think about my priorities. Also I'm waking up early to go to step class so for those guests that will still be here- Don't get offended. I'm cashing in at midnight the latest!



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