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Sunday, February 29, 2004

My dangerous walk to St Henri!

Guys! I am still terrified from my walk home. Okay so Barry and I went out, ended up at Vatican. It was ok- kinda wholesale meat market but we danced! End of the night comes and I lose Barry:( I couldn't find him. So I decided since I was close enough, I could walk home!!

What a crazy night! But 2 hours later, here I am. First on st Catherine, I met 2 lost Americans. I directed them to guy and figured I could help the world. Then I met a homeless guy who was banging his body into the glass windows of the stores. I tried to send him home, but 2 other guys asked me to help them. I said a few words and then tried to help this guy to home.

Two other Americans from New Hampshire (same place as Laura) invited me to party with 'en. I turned them down cues supposedly 2 other guys were walking to st Henri.

So I talked to these guys till Atwater. There we talked by the bus stop. I got scared when one of them asked me if I ever considered stripping! I was shocked but just babbled about the volunteer work I do and about how happiness is about yourself:)

This guy persisted. He offered me money (lots of it) or if I wasn't comfortable with stripping- I could do "other stuff" for $$$ ! I once again pointed to the church near Atwater. I babbled about happiness. I don't really know why I stayed there!

I think I was lazy and wanted a lift home. Well soon after, a bus pulled up. The pimpy guy offered me to go to his place. I said no. Thought it made more sense to walk TOWARDS my house!!

So I headed down Atwater. At St Antoine, as I turned the curb, I met a cool looking guy with dreadlocks. He said hi and invited me in for a joint.

I'm not a weed smoker, but I thought of my 2 bros when I met him. He looked cool. So I couldn't refuse. We went into his apt and we smoked a joint while he played digeridoo. We also spoke about life, meditation, religion. Turned out he was from Israel, so we had lots of discussion.

I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. So I left his place. About 5 blocks from my house, I passed 2 other guys across the street. They yelled "hey", I ignored them. My heart was racing. Luckily, they didn't follow me.

So two hours later, I type. I'm still intoxicated. I'm writing now to give the true experience.
I'm dizzy and gonna pass out. I had a crazy night.

The main reason I wrote this is to warn my fellow friends abouit not walking alone at 3 am! I also looked in the mirror and saw my reflection. I look horrible. I'm wearing makeup- rare occasion. I think it makes me look skanky. Maybe that's why I got recruited by the pimp. But the main thing is that I'm safe in my cold water flat;)


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