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This was intended to be my thoughts on travelling, but I'll have to tame my wanderlust for a while longer....

Sunday, February 29, 2004

My dangerous walk to St Henri!

Guys! I am still terrified from my walk home. Okay so Barry and I went out, ended up at Vatican. It was ok- kinda wholesale meat market but we danced! End of the night comes and I lose Barry:( I couldn't find him. So I decided since I was close enough, I could walk home!!

What a crazy night! But 2 hours later, here I am. First on st Catherine, I met 2 lost Americans. I directed them to guy and figured I could help the world. Then I met a homeless guy who was banging his body into the glass windows of the stores. I tried to send him home, but 2 other guys asked me to help them. I said a few words and then tried to help this guy to home.

Two other Americans from New Hampshire (same place as Laura) invited me to party with 'en. I turned them down cues supposedly 2 other guys were walking to st Henri.

So I talked to these guys till Atwater. There we talked by the bus stop. I got scared when one of them asked me if I ever considered stripping! I was shocked but just babbled about the volunteer work I do and about how happiness is about yourself:)

This guy persisted. He offered me money (lots of it) or if I wasn't comfortable with stripping- I could do "other stuff" for $$$ ! I once again pointed to the church near Atwater. I babbled about happiness. I don't really know why I stayed there!

I think I was lazy and wanted a lift home. Well soon after, a bus pulled up. The pimpy guy offered me to go to his place. I said no. Thought it made more sense to walk TOWARDS my house!!

So I headed down Atwater. At St Antoine, as I turned the curb, I met a cool looking guy with dreadlocks. He said hi and invited me in for a joint.

I'm not a weed smoker, but I thought of my 2 bros when I met him. He looked cool. So I couldn't refuse. We went into his apt and we smoked a joint while he played digeridoo. We also spoke about life, meditation, religion. Turned out he was from Israel, so we had lots of discussion.

I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. So I left his place. About 5 blocks from my house, I passed 2 other guys across the street. They yelled "hey", I ignored them. My heart was racing. Luckily, they didn't follow me.

So two hours later, I type. I'm still intoxicated. I'm writing now to give the true experience.
I'm dizzy and gonna pass out. I had a crazy night.

The main reason I wrote this is to warn my fellow friends abouit not walking alone at 3 am! I also looked in the mirror and saw my reflection. I look horrible. I'm wearing makeup- rare occasion. I think it makes me look skanky. Maybe that's why I got recruited by the pimp. But the main thing is that I'm safe in my cold water flat;)

Friday, February 27, 2004

Home Alone

The girls are gone on a ski trip and Woman's gone to Quebec. I wanted to go but the lab is starting testing and they need me to work. It's man vs. nature right now. That's my conflict. Myself against the cold water flat, which I might add is very warm at the moment. Thank you Mr. Sun. Oh Mr Sun, sun, Mr golden Sun, won't you please shine down on me!

I swear it's a natural high I'm at right now!! I hope I don't sound too crazy! It's like spring is here almost. Very pleasant being outside.

I really have nothing else to say! I should get back to cleaning my room so I can head to Merc's place! Then step class, then back there.

Monday, February 23, 2004

8 1/2 Cold Water Flat for Rent

4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Living room, kitchen & an extra closed room that can be used as an office. 2 minutes from Place St Henri Metro. 5 minutes from grocery store. Located in a quiet neighbourhood. Very spacious & high ceilings. Ideal for 4 or 5 students or more. Costs an arm and a leg to heat. Heating not included. First bedroom can be used as a freezer during winter months. *also included large, empty, cold basement which will increase your heating bill*

$1200 (heat and electricity extra) -hypothermia included!

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Never go in the metro without a hat on!

Here's a safe tip for anyone traveling alone. I think it applies more to females but males can try it to. If you're alone in the metro, always have a hat (toque) on! Guess Why? Not because it's cold! Not to look cool! Give up??
To scare away creepy guys.

I've never been that scared in Montreal. There was the time I walked home from Sky at the wee hours of the morning, alone. That was scary but today was creepy too.

I was on the metro on my way to do my volunteer work tutoring. Today's weather was nice, so instead of wearing my hat (the one mommy knitted for me:), I carried it in my backpack. I was not familiar with the area I was going (Parc metro). At snowdon, an older guy (at least 30+) asked me for the time in French. I told him the time and the metro then arrived. In the metro, he was talking to me. Telling me what he studied etc. and I answered his questions in one or 2 words. But he kept gabbing.

Finally, I was at my stop- Parc. I was relieved I wouldn't have to talk to him anymore- his accent was not Quebecoise but "Francey" so it was difficult for me to understand. I got up and left the train.

I heard him behind me, he said he'd get off there too. I wanted to get rid of him mainly 'cause I had no idea where I was going. I had an address and that's it. As we were walking up the stairs he asked me if I had time to see him on the weekends.

Right away, I ranted about how busy I am studying for school. Then he asked me if I wanted to meet him again, I used the same excuse. Luckily, he took a hint, "Vous avez un petit ami?" He asked. I nodded yes. (A little lie never hurt anyone) So he wished me good luck in life! I stepped out of the metro and took my hat out of my bag and put it on. Then I lined up for the bus.

So remember girls and guys : Always wear a hat in the metro!

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Never wore cover-up,
Always beat the boys up,
Grew up in a 750 population town,
Made my money as an army cadet,
Never got hired by mcdonalds, don't forget
All in a small town, Matapedia.

....not my own creation. I altered Avril's "My world" just felt that it fit me !!

There's some people in this world that are so powerful. By power, I don't mean filthy rich people like Bill Gates and I'm not talking about those strongmen competitions. I mean the type of person that can change your mood. Have you ever been in a great mood and then due to any kind of interaction with someone, your mood changed. That's what I call power. Of course it can work in another way when someone cheers you up.

Not sure what I'm writing about- just a thought. Yah, so our reading week is almost here. I might be heading to Quebec city. It's not Cuba but I'll be able to see my friends from Emerald Lake!

My mom broke her toe!!! Okay maybe it's not that funny!


Sunday, February 15, 2004

Toga Party Friday at our place!

Yah, I'm kind of advertising, but if I were doing it properly, I wouldn't tell you I was advertising.

It began as a wine and cheese and then with my corruption, it got spiced into a toga party. For anyone who's curious about the history of a toga party, check this site out:


Ours will not be as strict, colourful sheets give more character. And despite reading that toga parties usually ended up as orgies, I am 100% sure this will not happen.

I gotta pee and then read

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Valentine's Day- "No dad I didn't meet any nice guys..."

Valentine's day is coming up. It's the holiday that hallmark invented, but do you blame them? The market has taken over everything else too, so why not?

What's with my title today?? Well the thing about nice guys is just the routine check I get from my dad. Every week when he calls, I get asked the same question.... "Did you meet any nice guys?" It's annoying. Most fathers would want to lock their daughters up, but my dad wants to pimp me out! Is there really anything wrong with being an independent woman? It seems in our society, that my type is frowned upon.

While I'm a 21 year old female, I should be looking for a prospective mate. Yeah right! I'm not going to any lek for any courtship rituals. It'll happen when it happens.

I feel like my life is finally starting to fall in place. I'm starting to volunteer at the oral deaf school of Montreal. It may not seem like a big deal but I'm excited. It gives me a high knowing that I can help people. I know, this sounds like a commercial... What can I say! With just one year left in university, I need to find out what I like to do. This can help me decide about a career later on. I won't be a starving student forever:)

Tomorrow night Criss and I are going to a party at Chris Ellis'. He's my ex-neighbour from last year. Last Valentine's day, the girls and I went out to Copacananas with him. It was fun, but he ditched the 3 of us for a stripper!! I don't know what tomorrow will be like.

Hasta Luego

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Atkins diet? Getting rid of carbs

It's the newest craze- the Atkins diet. You can eat lots of fat, lots of protein and you will lose weight. Sounds too good to be true? Well there is a little thing- you must drastically reduce your carbohydrate intake. It actually works if one remains on this regime, but astonishingly the doctor who started it, died obese!

This leads to a question as to how healthy this Atkins diet really is? If this doctor died obese maybe his diet isn't the greatest thing since sliced bread! Then again, sliced bread is the enemy according to him.

I've read up on it and found some bad things about the Atkins diet. It works because carbs are what your body uses for energy. Carbs->glucose This glucose is used for energy. But if you don't use it all, it will be converted to glycogen for short term storage, and lastly if not used up it turns to FAT. Protein gets broken down into amino acids and is used to build muscle and other necessary things.

Fat can be broken into fatty acids and used for energy, but our body prefers to use glucose. So get it? By eliminating carbs, your body will break down the fat you already have. It will also not store excess carbs as fat (there are none on this diet).

Unfortunately, in this miracle diet your body gets so much protein, that it may not digest it all. The weight loss you lose could be due to losing muscle and not fat. Apparently exercise helps this.

So, off to step class I'll go. I just finished a bowl of pasta. Never will I submit myself to the tortures of a diet.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Winter's teasing us. I know it's not gone for real. Today it was warm but there are still cold days to come...
Need to shower...