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Monday, December 22, 2003


I have managed to survive 5 days however, I have given up on not fighting with my mom. On Saturday, dad left us for Montreal. He was sick of my mom's antics and it was about time. But after that, I grew furious at my mom. I've given up on being friendly to her. All she cares about is Réal, a bald 36 yr old unemployed bum who lives with his mom. She spends 8-10 hours a day in his presence(about what Jeremy spends watching TV) , shares our dinner with him and in order to get her back, I had to go and sulk like a baby.

Even then, she played a game of scrabble with me and then left again at 1 am to be with him. She promised me that she'd spend time with me while I was home but it was all lies as usual.

I'm planning on getting out of this place as soon as I can. I need to pack my gear up though and stick to my guts. I might stay a couple of days more for the food andTVv. My cat allergies are getting worse and I need my housekey from dadbecausez he stayed at my place.

This is surely my last trip to Matapedia. Why should I come home so that woman who is my mother can spend all of her time with her loser of a boyfriend?! I'm getting angry and might leave tonight. A bus leaves at 8 pm forMontreall, but I need my key!!

I envy anyone who has a motherbecausee you are lucky. I am not. I don't have a mother, I have a person who buys me possessions but can't stand to even talk to me. She's never been there for me. Even on my 13th birthday she was with 2 men in a canoe and I had to make my own birthday cake.

Well that'll be all for now. I'm not cleaning the house so she can run the roads. I'll be lazy like the lowlife she hangs out with!


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